Evening Events

Although the current COVID-19 crisis does not allow for in-person meetings, we do not want to miss out on the social aspect which makes every conference unique.

Join us for our online evening programme!

Day 1 - July 13

Virtual HistSTM

What can Historians of Science contribute to public conversations?

18:30 – 19:30 BST

Chair: Tim Boon

Historians of science have long explored subjects directly relevant to contemporary life; and over the last year and a half it has seemed as though current discourse is constantly about topics related to the history of science. Between covid-19; increasingly felt effects of climate change; repatriation of museum collections; the changing role and outlook of universities; there are many avenues for historians to speak to. The conversation we hope to spin off these topics will be about the past, what we’ve inherited and what has shaped us, the present, the conditions that we work and research in, and what we seek in the future from our profession.


Alex Alberda
Jahnavi Phalkey
Joanna Radin
Charlotte Sleigh
Aparna Nair


Call My Bluff

20:00 – 21:00 BST

Host: Charlotte Connelly 

Join us on our very own version of the popular panel game show Call My Bluff! We will form teams who take turns to give three definitions to obscure words – one true and two bluffs. The other teams attempt to determine the correct definition to earn points.

Help us turn this entertaining game to the next level when Historians of Science throw together their creativity to bluff their way to the top of the scoreboard!

Get together

Virtual Pub

from 21:30 BST

Host: Daniella McCahey

We all long for meeting and chatting in the pub after a long conference day. Hopefully, this will soon be possible. Until then, we will meet in our virtual pub on zoom. Unfortunately, you have to bring your own drinks and nibbles, but the company is still awesome!

Day 2 - July 14

Movie Night and Director Q&A

The Atom: A Love Affair (2020)

19:00 – 21:00 BST
Nearly everyone has an opinion about nuclear power but far fewer know its history and the complex social and political forces that have shaped it. Unlike so many other documentaries about nuclear power, The Atom: A Love Affair does not try to argue one side of the debate or the other.
Instead, the film takes viewers behind the sensational news headlines to tell the inside story of how we got here, over seven eventful decades in the United States, Britain, France & Germany.  (Source: The Atom: A Love Affaire website)

Watch this extraordinary 90-minute documentary introduced by the director Vicki Lesley.

Day 2 - July 14 from 21:30 BST

Virtual Pub

Day 3 - July 15

Outreach session

TikTok your scientist Grandma!

19:00 – 20:00 BST

Host: Graeme Gooday 

We need a more inclusive history of science than can ever be drawn from the textual archives of the elite. Could we then use readily-available social media to record and share the stories of at least some practitioners whose work might otherwise be lost to posterity? What might be the opportunities and the hazards in doing so? What advice is there for anyone wanting to add, however informally, to a more diverse oral history of science? Organised by the Electrifying Women project, this event brings you a short audiovisual story of a real-life scientific grandma from Pakistan; a panel discussion in response to it, and an open forum for you to ask your questions and offer your ideas.

Game evening

Pub Quiz

20:30 – 21:30 BST

Host: Daniella McCahey

Join us on a special round of Historian of Science Pub Quiz! You can look forward to several rounds of challenging questions and fun answers! The quiz’s setup allows visually and acoustically impaired people to participate as well. That means, no strange pictures, but more exciting questions!

If you want to join the pub quiz, please register via zoom.

Get together

Virtual Pub

from 21:30 BST

Host: Daniella McCahey

Join our zoom Pub on the last evening to have fun, chat, and celebrate another great, albeit unusual annual conference of the BSHS!