Children's Panel

Rainbow Fun!

Children's Panel: Rainbow Fun

July 14, 10:00 – 11:00 BST

Conference attendees with children are invited to join us for a special Children’s session. This year’s theme is the rainbow, inspired by the history of the science of light, we will conduct experiments together and explore where we see rainbows. The session begins with a themed story followed by short, simple activities.

The session is aimed at early years’ children and primary school pupils who might be with you are home during the conference.

If you have any questions, please write an e-mail to the host Erin Beeston.

What you need

  • To join in with our indoor rainbow experiment at the end of the session, grown-ups will need a glass of water, a small mirror that fits inside the glass, a torch (you can even use your smartphone torches) and white paper or card
  • For the craft activity, plain paper and whatever your child likes to mark make or colour with. For example, playdough, pencil crayons or paint. Younger participants can try mark making on tin foil (wrap around some cardboard first) using paint or felt tips.
  • Babies are welcome along too, as there will be a song and a story.
  • The experiment and crafts are optional! Join in with any aspect of the session your little ones would like to.


Please register beforehand if you would like to participate with your children, providing their ages, so that we can tailor the activities on offer. Only the BSHS webmaster and the host, Erin Beeston, will receive your data and delete it after the event.

Please note that you will also have to register for the Zoom session as you have to with the conference panels.